Revival: The Consistency of God is being prepared as a three part book series about revival. BJ Isaacs has spent many years studying how God has moved in revivals throughout time and has started writing this series. Book 1: A Dance In The Dark can be purchased through Amazon (link to  purchase/ click here).


Every snowflake has characteristics that make it a snowflake, yet each one is unique in its beauty and form. Revival: The Consistency of God depicts consistencies that can be found in revival works of God.


What does it look like when a nation or people group abandon God and His ways? Book One describes how this Dance in the Dark occurs and what it looks like.


Book Two (not yet in print) is addressed to serious followers of Christ Jesus who have asked, “Is there any hope for a spiritual awakening— a revival?” What does Twilight look like in this context?


When Daylight comes and revival occurs, there are many manifestations that characterize a genuine move of God.  How can one discern whether what is happening is of God or not? Book Three (not yet available) is intended to help us recognize the consistency of God when His Spirit descends as a Manifest Presence.