Pastor BJ Isaacs Sermons

12-10-80 Four Things necessary for the Power of God to move
8-27-86 How to survive persecution with your faith intact
9-10-86 When God ceases to be the Glory of his People
9-24-86 Where are chickens
1-4-87 Reasons for Church Desertion
4-1-87 The Fool
4-22-87 Satan – The thief
5-12-87 The requirements of a soul winner
6-28-87 What does it mean to Praise the Lord
7-1-87 The forgetting of a Prophecy
7-29-87 God the Deliverer Still
9-16-87 8-Steps of God fulfilling his Prophecy to us
9-23-87 Walk on water
9-30-87 The Gifts of the Spirit in Jesus Life
10-14-87 A Man with A Message on a mission
12-2-87 A Fruity Sermon
12-16-87 Hope in the Darkness
2-28-88 Counting the cost of compromise
8-28-88 Faulty foundations of the Healing Ministry
9-25-88 Gods wisdom is Health to our Bodies
11-13-88 In everything give thanks
11-27-88 Thankfulness and Healing
1-4-89 Coming Home
1-15-89 The three Rs of the Stewardship of the Gospel
1-29-89 Testimonies of the Power of God
2-8-89 Gifts of Power
3-1-89 Covenant of Marriage
3-12-89 Divine Healing
6-11-89 Kingdom citizens are peculiar
7-30-89 Whom shall I send
8-27-89 God in our Midst
10-15-89 Why would God share his Glory with another
12-10-89 God is great in the midst of his people
12-20-89 Myrh
2-25-90 When the Glory of the Lord passes by
5-20-90 Stages of fulfillment of a vision
5-20-90 Stages to the fulfillment of a vision
2-23-92 Samson like Church
3-29-92 Samson like Church
3-10-96 No Title
8-19-01 Concerning trip of Honduras
3-31-02 The stones cry out
4-21-02 A ministry out of focus
4-28-02 To Birth a Samson like Church
5-12-02 When God’s Glory Comes
5-12-02 When God’s Glory Comes
5-19-02 The one God will call a fool
5-26-02 The Age of Grace
6-2-02 Grace of God
6-23-02 No title
6-30-02 Church Government
7-28-02 Installation of Pastor
8-4-02 More of God -Less of me
8-11-02 Revival Fire of God
8-18-02 Saradis and Icobod
8-25-02 If Revival is to come
9-15-02 The Fire shall ever be burning on the Alter
9-22-02 Feasts of Booths
10-6-02 Steps of a Godly Man
10-13-02 Psalms 15 Expounded
10-20-02 The Prayer of Faith and The Prayer of Release The Same
11-17-02 How do we become effective examples
11-24-02 Seven things needed to be effective for God
12-01-02 Seven things God wants us to know
12-8-02 How to study the Bible in depth on your own Spiritual growth
12-29-02 Luke 2 8-12
1-5-03 Scriptures given for edification of selected individuals
1-5-03 Scriptures given for edification of selected individuals
1-12-03 The Sign
1-19-03 Hiding in God
2-2-03 Doing small things for God
2-9-03 Beware of the worlds cockle burs
2-16-03 The Brevity of Mans Life
3-23-03 Battles of the physical is fought in the Spiritual
3-30-03 It will be well with the righteous
4-20-03 What Revival looks like when it really comes
5-4-03 Why does Revival tarry
5-11-03 Peter stepping out with foot in mouth
5-16-03 Christian take on War
6-1-03 No Title
6-17-03 Satans Techniques
6-22-03 Gods Judgement a parallel between Isreal and USA
7-20-03 Old wells, Fallen Mantels New Springs
7-27-03 Coincidence
8-31-03 Not entering the Promised Land because of grumbling & complaining
9-7-03 Devotion to God
9-21-03 Baptisim
9-28-03 Love
10-5-03 Agape Love
10-19-03 A broken heart God will not despise
11-9-03 A Good Report
11-16-03 Oh that you would come down
11-23-03 Be ye Perfect
12-7-03 What the Lord said unto my Lord
1-4-04 Dedication to God increases demonic activity
1-11-04 Stuck in a rut
1-25-04 Chasing the wind
2-8-04 Chasing the wind
3-7-04 Chasing the wind
3-21-04 Heart of the Father
4-11-04 Believing is Receiving
4-25-04 Vows and Ecclesiastes
5-2-04 Fast, Pray and Give
5-9-04 When the Church holds the truth at bay
5-16-04 True of Salvation – Held at Bay
5-23-04 Commitment
5-30-04 Shadows of reality
6-20-04 Esther – Undignifying Devotion
7-4-04 Vision for Revival
NODATE God on Nebukanezar
NODATE NODATE Why would God share his Glory