Alabaster Jar

Alabaster Jar~~~ 

by Joanne Bowser

I’m waiting on You, tender Savior

All my desires are filled in You

My heart beats with Yours, loving wonder

All of my worship flows to You!


You are the One I love

You are the One I adore

You are the One I love


I bring my alabaster jar

Hold it very close

And press on through the crowd to get to You

At last I see Your face

Fall down at Your feet

You look at me so lovingly

As I break my


Alabaster jar

I’m pouring out my best

Giving you my all

Forsaking all the rest

I’m broken by Your love

My tears anoint Your feet

And then you turn and smile at me

All I can do is

Worship You, worship You

You are holy, holy Lord

I worship You, worship You

You are worthy of my all


You died that I could live

Gave your very life

Your blood has washed away the stains of sin

The only thing You ask

For giving me this gift

Is worship from Your own

So I break my


My alabaster jar…